class Optima

a base class of optimization algorithm


public members:

Optima ()
Optima (int verb)

protected members:

int iterMax
maximum number of iterations
double tol
tolerance error
List <double>* residue
list of residue
ObjectiveFunction * fp
pointer to objective function
int isVerbose
verbose or quiet
int isSuccess
the flag indicating if the search was a success
List <double> appendResidue (double res)
append the new residue to the list


This is the base class for general optimization classes. Classes derived from this class inherit features of Optima. This class cannot be instantiated directly.

Optima currently only takes Models either double or long integer. It is mostly because I tried to avoid using templates, due to the guliness of template features in G++. Hopefully, this could be changed soon.

direct child classes: NonQuadraticOptima QuadraticOptima

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