class QuadraticObjFcn : public ObjectiveFunction

a n-D general quadratic objective function


public members:

QuadraticObjFcn (int, Matrix <double>*, Vector <double>*, double)
Vector <double>* getGradient (const Model <double>&)
Vector <double>* getGradient (const Model <long>&)
const char* className () const

protected members:

double realPerformance (const Model <double>& )
double realPerformance (const Model <long>& )
int mySize () const

Inherited from ObjectiveFunction:

public members:

double performance(const Model <long>&)
double performance(const Model <double>&)
double performance(const Model <float>&)
int iterations() const


Quadratic is a general class of analytical quadratic objective function for optimization \[ \min_ x f = ( x, A\, x)- 1/2 ( h, x) +c \]

this class has no child classes.

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