class RosenBrock : public ObjectiveFunction

the class of n-D Rosenbrock function


public members:

RosenBrock (int)
Vector <double>* getGradient (const Model <double>&)
Vector <double>* getGradient (const Model <long>&)
const char* className () const

protected members:

double realPerformance (const Model <double>&)
double realPerformance (const Model <long>&)

Inherited from ObjectiveFunction:

public members:

double performance(const Model <long>&)
double performance(const Model <double>&)
double performance(const Model <float>&)
int iterations() const


RosenBrock This is an analytical function for testing optimization algortithms. The function looks like \[ \sum_i=1}^N-1} [100.(x_i-x_i-1}^2)^2 + (1-x_i-1})^2] \]

RosenBrock currently only takes Models either double or long integer. It is mostly because I tried to avoid using templates, due to the guliness of template features in G++. Hopefully, this could be changed soon.

this class has no child classes.

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