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New COOOL Documents


[Image of Lydia Deng] Lydia Deng, developer of the class libraries.

[Image of Wences Gouveia] Wences Gouveia, developer of the optimization algorithms.

COOOL is a package of tools for writing optimization code and solving optimization problems. Our special interest is in solving inverse problems, but the library should be useful for many different kinds of problems.

COOOL consists of a library of C++ classes which facilitate all aspect of developing optimization codes. Further, it has a suite of general purpose routines for solving linear and nonlinear optimization problems.

Click here to download a gzipped technical technical report with details on the classes. This report needs to be updated. It describes the original version of the library, which has since been significantly improved. Here is an updated preprint with a nice example. There are two tar files of source code. This is version 0.1 which compiles under gcc/g++ 2.5.8. Here is version 1.3 which compiles under gcc/g++ 2.7.0 and allows for user-specified analytic derivatives. The new version should be compatible with older compilers, so the revised version is recommended even if your machine runs gcc/g++ 2.5.8. These files are all compressed with GNU gzip. After transfering the source code, gunzip it, untar it and follow the directions in the README. For more information send email to optima@coool.mines.edu.

An HTML version of a short paper on COOOL is available by clicking here.

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