How to Get <i>COOOL</i>

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How to Get COOOL

The COOOL package is freely available from the Center for Wave Phenomena either via anonymous ftp or your favorite WWW browser. To ftp, connect to
login in as ``anonymous'' (any password will do), cd to the directory pub/cwpcodes/coool. Switch to binary mode and get COOOL-X.tar.gz, where X is the version number. This is a gzipped tar file which, when uncompressed and untarred, will have directions on what to do. Via the WWW, point your browser to
and follow the directions. Postscript and HTML versions of the COOOL technical report by Deng, Gouveia and Scales (DGS) are available by anonymous ftp or WWW from the same addresses.

To date, COOOL has been tested by only a few people. It is our hope that making it freely available will encourage other people to use it, expand it, make suggestions on how to improve it. Any bug reports or suggestions should be sent to

By way of the obligatory disclaimer, let us say that COOOL is free software: you can do anything you like with it, including make a fortune. But neither the authors, the Center for Wave Phenomena, nor anyone else you can imagine makes any promises or guarantees about anything in this package or any aspect of its functionality.

Sun Feb 25 12:08:00 MST 1996